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Jeffery Dietch closes up shop in New York in preparation for his new career choice as Director of LA MOCA. Apparently, Dietch must close down his projects and desist his own private funding of artists projects. Such a move from the private to the public art sector has not been made by such a powerhouse mogul. What will happen to the artists he has been faithfully supporting? Will they be collected by the MOCA? Is that a conflict of interest for the institution? – well, only if Dietch would be making money off of the purchase and the MOCA has made it clear that this is unacceptable practice for the Director of a public institution. Time will only tell how this public/private relationship will turn out – this is for sure a fire that needs to be fanned and watched closely.

some opinions on the subject:

Los Angeles TIMES
Lee Rosenbaum’s Culture Grrl Blog
Vandalog – a street art and graff blog with lots of great photos of some of Dietch’s artists projects in motion.


I love C Magazine! I think its the best Art publication in Canada!




The funny thing is I went to the official launch of this issue when I was in Venice it was behind the Canadian Pavilion among the trees in the Giardini durring the opening of the Venice Biennial. I had just done some performances earlier that day so I was a little tired and just enjoying the prosecco and good conversation……. when my friend Paul Butler comes up to me and says “hey Zarah check this out” and he opened to a picture of me. Sweet! I didn’t even know I was included in this issue until I saw it for the first time ! The article titled Reversing Pedagogies with a little Social Schooling written By Tatiana Mellema is available to read on Paul’s site.

Vancouver has a way of writing itself into art history and this new website is amazing!!!! It is an archive/research site with photos, videos, music, and advice for further research. The launch tonight is at the OR gallery and it has already started so I better get going. I still have to spend some hours exploring the site but until then no favorite pages yet.


Vancouver Art in the Sixties

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery

OR Gallery


I had the pleasure of engaging with Bruce’s work for the first time without the mediation of a catalogue or computer screen at the 53rd Venice Biennale. His work was the only entry into the exhibition from the USA and occupied three different sites including that of the pavilion in the Giardini. Each site was organized by themes including: Sound and Space, Heads and Hands, and Fountains and Neons. My favorite of the three was shown at the Exhibition Spaces of Ca’ Foscari with the theme of sound and space which contained within it a very circular logic, including pieces such as: Double Steel Cage Piece (1974), Flayed Skin (Skin Sink) (1973), and the best piece of the Biennale as far as I’m concerned, Untitled 1970/2009—a work that was recreated for the exhibition in the same room in which it is installed. I will post some video I have of this piece as soon as I can convert it.
In the mean time here are some good links so you can get to know Nauman’s work better if you don’t know it already.
Art 21
Pinch Neck on You Tube
Bruce Nauman Video Data Bank
Another great wordpress blog


Dont get your balls in a knot!
Dont get your balls in a knot! photo by BENJAMIN LAROSE click the pic for a link

I am having fond memories of my school days and catching up with a few old friends.
The new grads will be showing works at the Emily Carr galleries on Granville Island from May 3 – 10th.
Also the online grad catalogue is actually pretty great you should check it out the search feature is nice.

Class of 2009

Class of 2008

The online catalogue is still up from the previous year as well. You will find me licking a lolly pop project.
Tongue Sucker

Tongue Sucker

Tongue Sucker….. I created this project in an edition of 250 and I still have some left.

If you are interested in a purchase let me know. Leave me a comment.

Jean Piaget.


Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget saw play as an important and necessary part of a students cognitive development. He worked on theories related to child development and learning but what I find most interesting is how these theories can be applied to adults and adult education.

“To understand is to discover, or reconstruct by rediscovery, and such conditions must be compiled with if in the future individuals are to be formed who are capable of production and creativity and not simply repetition” (Piaget, 1973)