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photo by Donna Terek

Detroit is the kind of city that you really need to sink your teeth into. You can’t just figure it out in a drive by or weekend get-away you need some time to get to know the local haunts and the best scavenge piles. Me and my peeps have got a bunch of press lately… we made the cover of the Detroit Metro Times with a huge story by Michael Jackman and Donna Terek has featured us in her column Donna’s Detroit for the Detroit News.

photo by Donna Terek

Juxtapose magazine also did a little follow-up about the “Treasure Nest” on the blog which you can check out here and all of the photos were taken by Faythe Levine: gallerist, blogger, filmmaker, photographer, author of Hand Made Nation, and expert on all things DIY. Also check out Fecal Face Dot COM To see more of Faythe’s photos and Monica Canilao’s solo show at the SkyHigh gallery in Milwaukee and our Detroit Treasure Nest!!

photo by Faythe Levine
So like I have said before if you are interested in visiting and or helping out on this big project please send me a comment – Detroit will love you too


photo by Dennis Ha

Faster, stronger, laster, longer! When I took my ride on the Regurgitator I went crazy fast but not long enough to vomit.
If you missed seeing my ride in Miami click here to view.

Doyle’s style of sculpture/performance/interactive art is something that has to be experienced and felt in person. His art gives off a very powerful energy that does not translate very well through print or even video formats. Doyle uses materials that have already lived an entire life previous to becoming part of his artwork which gives the pieces an eerie lingering soul that almost attaches to you during an interaction.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “RYAN DOYLE- portrait of an artist“, posted with vodpod

Recently Ryan Doyle was part of a group show that I curated in Vancouver, BC. Slivers, Shivers, & Snake Skin his first Canadian art world showing.
Want more of Doyle? click here

Slivers Shivers and Snake Skin – a happening – Submissions!!!!

this is an event that I am putting together that will be taking place on April 16/17th 2010. Im chillin in Ontario right now but I thought it would be fun to plan a huge event while I am stuck here in the snow.

The theme of the show is suggested in the title which is better explained by ‘getting under your skin’ – something that makes you feel – affects – irks you. The title explains the theme in three different ways…
slivers – something that intrudes upon you physically that is not easy to remove.
shivers – a bodily reaction to your environment.
snake skin – a physical presence, visual, texture, relating to death, slithers, fear

As I have also suggested in the title its going to be a wild happening. These type of events involve the participation of the audience which could be as simple as making them dance or requiring them to move something physical, engaging in verbal confrontation, making them throw up, ears bleed, whatever.

At the moment I am looking at Chapel Arts in Vancouver Canada, as a venue since it has multiple rooms and levels and could easily have many different performances going on at the same time. Sensory overload!
Since this venue is so large I am also looking to fill some of the space with art that is more static – drawing, painting, sculpture – as long as it fits within the theme. There is also a stage and sound system so I want lots of noise!!!

Please email your submissions to:

collaborations are welcomed and encouraged – suggest this to friends if you think they would fit. Sorry for any out of towners (not in Vancouver) but I cannot provide transportation or shipping costs since I’m working with a very slim budget.

Soooo……email me with a brief idea of what you would like to submit to the show – could be new or old work….and we will start up a conversation. Look fwd to hearing from you.

Deadline Extended to March 22!!! – but sooner is better ūüėČ

Exposition of the Ukrainian Pavilion at 53rd Venice Biennial
The Ukrainian pavilion was the one I kept talking about this summer when I was in Venice. Anyone who asked me which pavilion they shouldn’t miss Ukraine was my answer. It really was able to pull you into an environment of whimsy and magic – I was describing it as a surrealist house of horrors.
Ukraine is also home to my favorite billionaire! Victor Pinchuk #246 on Forbes list of Billionaires

Victor Pinchuk (left) pictured here with wife Elena and artist Damien Hirst

This is the man behind the biggest and soon to be most important art prize of this century. With a winning purse of $100,000 and secondary prizes of $20,000 shortlisted artists will be asked to participate in an exhibition at the PinchukArtCentre in Kiev. As if that wasn’t good enough the most interesting and possibly most important part of the prize is that the winner will be mentored by some of Pinchuk’s favorite artists Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Andreas Gursky, and Takashi Murakami.
You can watch a short video of the mentoring artists talking about their involvement with the prize on the new website
You can also check out the other great things he is doing through his foundation

Applications will be accepted from artists under 35 starting Jan 18 – April 18 2010 through the art prize website so get it together and apply!

Miami is full of New Yorkers in Art Fair season. Yay it’s December and I’m sitting on the beach networking! This is just one of the New York characters that I met while chillin on the beach – Gary Cullen is a painter and performance artist. You can check out his work at or at – I Heart Gary!

Vodpod videos no longer available.



This section of the LIVE performance Biennial is hosted by 221a Artist Run Centre.

Here are some directions.

And a little peak at the performers…


Mensahe sa Masahe (Message through Massage)

– The Cruz Brothers

The Cruz Brothers will use touch to contextualize the dynamic relation of power and pleasure. 

For the past few years, Francis Cruz and Patrick Cruz have collaborated and performed pieces that revolve around ideas of cultural displacement and its bearings of marginalization and sibling hierarchy and its production of violence.

Manolo Lugo

Word Immediatisms – Manolo Lugo

With the use of the public and a dictionary, Manolo Lugo will play a random game of word association in order to engage in a satisfying and overwhelming dialogue.

Manolo Lugo is a Mexican-born artist residing in Vancouver. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the Monterrey Institute of Technology in 1999 and in 2007 a BFA from Emily Carr University. His work borrows from sculptural as well as from photographic discourses, structuring a sensibility around geographical displacement and its impact in the domestic and public spheres. In the work presented for LIVE, his interest in linguistics emerges from the necessity to re-assemble a fragmented and twice-removed self (geographically and linguistically) through the estranged terrains of a foreign language.

Zarah AckermanA Potential Conversion – Zarah Ackerman

Zarah Ackerman will be having a potential conversation with artists Douglas Coupland, Michael Turner, and Stan Douglas in hopes of bridging the generational gap that stands between them. Topics will include: the power of potential, internal vs. external voice, psychokinesis, the hand vs. the tongue, projections of the self, storytelling, the body as contained/container, energy transference, and favorite flavours of bubble gum. 

Live Performance Art Biennial 2009

I finally got this into a format that my computer likes. enjoy!

I performed this piece in a few places in Venice during the opening of this years biennial. This particular time was the first one I did that day which was inside a Bruce Nauman piece called Flayed Earth Flayed Self (Skin Sink) (1973). 
I managed to perform for half an hour straight before I was asked to leave. 
This artwork deals with themes of energy transference, nostalgia, mantra/meditation and was inspired by Bridget Riley, Bruce Nauman, and Richard Long.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vancouver has a way of writing itself into art history and this new website is amazing!!!! It is an archive/research site with photos, videos, music, and advice for further research. The launch tonight is at the OR gallery and it has already started so I better get going. I still have to spend some hours exploring the site but until then no favorite pages yet.


Vancouver Art in the Sixties

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery

OR Gallery


Mona Hatoum. A Detail from the Interior Landscapes

Mona Hatoum’s show in Venice was a must see for me. It was amazing to see all of her work together in such a space containing so much history and essence. The work was presented at The Foundation Querini Stampalia which used to be the home and gardens of a¬†Venetian noble family.¬†This foundation is preserving the family heritage¬†including the home, library, archives, furnishings, and art collection; while keeping it current with contemporary art exhibitions and bookshop/cafe. Hatoum’s work occupied two very different spaces within the foundation which seemed to echo her work on a grand scale. The first portion of works was interspersed within the preserved family heirloums forcing the viewers to slow down and look carefully at every object in order to discover Hatoum’s interventions. This searching lead me to think about the path of discovered history and loss which is a thematic thread that Hatoum weaves through her works. The second portion of the show was on an upper floor of the building which had been transformed into white walled gallery space.¬†

Hot spot III, 2009

This portion of the show was interesting as well since Hatoum was able to turn many of the white walls burning red ¬†with her piece Hot spot III, which consisted of metal and neon tubing. I wasn’t able to spend quite enough time with these works as the first portion since the foundation was closing but I was tempted to buy a catalogue.

Great show in a perfect location for Hatoum’s work. Here are some links you might want to check out re: Mona Hatoum ¬†

White Cube

BBC Radio Interview
Article in Nafas Art magazine