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I was asked to participate in a painting competition being organized by Paul Butler as his first project as Artist in Residence at the AGO in Toronto. Although I do not identify myself as a painter, I liked the idea that the competition would be in front of a live audience for Nuit Blanche. In effect, the live competition would be forcing the painters to become performers and for me the opposite would be true – a performance artist turned painter. With this in mind, I created a character so that I could focus on the performance aspect of the competition with more intensity.

The Painting Shaman - energy focusing mandala in process - duration 3.5 hours

The Painting Shaman implores a non-traditional hybrid of ecstatic techniques of shamanic journeying and other aspects of contemporary psychological, religious and spirituality. Rather than attempting to continue a pre-existing tradition, the Painting Shaman focuses on utilizing the ancient techniques of the shaman in ways appropriate to a modern audience. During the Other Painting Competition the Shaman will be focusing on painters of the past and contacting them directly through the spiritus mundi, calling on them to paint through her.