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photo by Dennis Ha

Faster, stronger, laster, longer! When I took my ride on the Regurgitator I went crazy fast but not long enough to vomit.
If you missed seeing my ride in Miami click here to view.

Doyle’s style of sculpture/performance/interactive art is something that has to be experienced and felt in person. His art gives off a very powerful energy that does not translate very well through print or even video formats. Doyle uses materials that have already lived an entire life previous to becoming part of his artwork which gives the pieces an eerie lingering soul that almost attaches to you during an interaction.

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more about “RYAN DOYLE- portrait of an artist“, posted with vodpod

Recently Ryan Doyle was part of a group show that I curated in Vancouver, BC. Slivers, Shivers, & Snake Skin his first Canadian art world showing.
Want more of Doyle? click here


Miami is full of New Yorkers in Art Fair season. Yay it’s December and I’m sitting on the beach networking! This is just one of the New York characters that I met while chillin on the beach – Gary Cullen is a painter and performance artist. You can check out his work at or at – I Heart Gary!

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This is just one of the thrills I experienced at the Miami art fair this year. It was also filmed for Canadian tv – Discovery channel’s Daily Planet and me being the token Canadian had to be one of the first riders. Im not sure when the air date will be – should be within the next few months. This piece was shot and edited by Fountainhead Films’ Fredrick King – thanks for the great shots FK!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More Video of the Regurgitator in action
Fountainhead Films

The Bike Club Games – New App for I phone available 01/01/10
RIP IONS installment for the Miami art fair – Squishy Universe

Finally the epic “Chew” for your viewing pleasure.

“Chew”¬†Materials – Bubble Gum, Plaster, Body/Performance

I created this piece as my final project of my Undergrad at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Influenced by Janine Antoni and her notion that she must have an experience with the sculpture in order for the viewer to have an experience with it. The experience that I had with the materials in “Chew” relate to the theories of Anti-Form, working with the physical properties of the objects/materials and how I can manipulate them with body/intimacy.

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For anyone that missed out. Here is a short document of my performance for the LIVE Biennial. The actual duration was around 2 and a half hours.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I finally got this into a format that my computer likes. enjoy!

I performed this piece in a few places in Venice during the opening of this years biennial. This particular time was the first one I did that day which was inside a Bruce Nauman piece called Flayed Earth Flayed Self (Skin Sink) (1973). 
I managed to perform for half an hour straight before I was asked to leave. 
This artwork deals with themes of energy transference, nostalgia, mantra/meditation and was inspired by Bridget Riley, Bruce Nauman, and Richard Long.

Vodpod videos no longer available.